Daytona TT: Bryan’s Thoughts On Going Into The Unknown.


On the eve of the 2017 American Flat Track season opener of the inaugural Daytona TT, there are a lot of unknowns. A new class structure to race twins on a TT for the first time in 20 years, a new bike – the Indian Scout FTR750 – and a new race format that requires riders to be on their game for more than just a heat race to make it to the main.

So here are Bryan Smith’s thought’s heading into the season opener.”I’m pumped to have the number one plate. It’s really exciting to lead the way, per se, and with a lot of unknowns. Not only here at Daytona but for the whole season, with Indian coming in and obviously Harley stepping up their game… So it’s pretty cool. My expectations are to defend my title and hopefully it starts tomorrow on the awesome TT track here in Daytona.”

At the same time, racers, competitors…they’re all perfectionists. So it’s hard to go into the season with a shorter than normal window of preparation to get the Twin sorted out, let alone a new machine, on a new track. But it’s the same for everyone else, and Bryan’s going with another proven plan outside of preparation – winging it.

“I think it’s the same story for all of us,” he said. “Would we all like to have this replica (track) in our back yard and five bikes to wear out? Yeah. But nobody had that. So we’re all kind of in the same boat. It’s going to be a survival I think more than a race, between the track conditions and everybody’s motorcycles being new, and new to racing at that, with the Indian and the FTR. So it’s going to be fun but are we as prepared as we want to be? I don’t think there’s nobody in the pits in Daytona that’s as prepared as they want to be, but we’re all going give it our 100%. I know I am. Some of my best results came from just winging it and going with it. So that’s what I’m doing tomorrow.”

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