OKC Mile: Third Sucks. Period.

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There’s no better way to summarize the OKC Mile for the reigning Grand National Champion. After a string of wins – four straight – his championship rival Jared Mees has taken the most recent two and taken over the championship lead.

Although frustrating, Bryan’s looking to learn from it and apply it to the next round. There’s been no shortage of success from the Indian Wrecking Crew in 2017, but it’s still a new machine and there’s plenty to learn

“I was fast qualifier and we were on point all day to win,” Smith said. “I beat Jared in the Semi so I thought, obviously, I had something in the Main. Brad (Baker) was going fast, which I figured he’d be unplugged in the Main and he was… I thought I made up a little bit of time, but then I started messing up and Jared caught me, was sticking with him and halfway through the track got brushed off. I just lost touch with the track. I just couldn’t figure it out. I don’t know if it was me or the bike; just couldn’t go forward, I was just stuck sideways. Still thinking about how to make it better for next week at Lima because I think it will be similar, where it’s going to be loose and skittery.”

So it’s on to the next one and the title chase is tight – just eight points. And although it’s Mees’ home turf, Bryan likes a cushion track and would be more than happy to take the win at the Lima Half-Mile.

“That would be good. I haven’t won there in a long ass time,” Smith said. “I’ve been on the podium a lot there. Brad will be fast, Jared will be fast. Hopefully I can school them.”