Before the third round of the American Flat Track Series at the Charlotte Half-Mile, there was a big production shoot for NBC Sports network at NASCAR’s photo studio in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. In between the photo shoots and video takes, Bryan Smith had a chance to talk about The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway and his thought’s going into the Charlotte Half Mile.

“I like Charlotte. I like the track,” Bryan said about the facility. “I won it two years ago. I was in the hunt to win it last year until my steel shoe came off. So I’m excited. Since I’ve been racing we’ve always struggled with getting to a good track – a consistently good track – with a good facility. So it’s cool to come to Charlotte because you know the facility’s great. We’re in racing country out here in Charlotte. We know the track’s going to be good if not great.”

He also likes where he’s sitting in the championship, even being a bit behind in second.

“Yeah, where I’ve lost the championship has been consistency,” he said. “I finally won it last year being more consistent. This year defending it I’m going to need to be really consistent. We started off with a second and third. As much as you want to win all the races you just can’t. So two of my worst tracks looking at my personal record book, the first two races would be two of my worst race tracks for good finishes. So to get second and third is exactly what I need to do for another championship run, is be consistent. Thankfully we were able to do that with a second and a third.

That being said, Bryan wants to be more than consistent. He wants that win and he wants that win in Charlotte: “I want to win it again. Period!”

It’s not just about winning, it’s about some redemption after last year’s steel-shoe malfunction. So will he be bringing some extra screws? “Yeah, my steel shoes glued and screwed on,” he answered. “I’m going to have to rip my whole boot off.”

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